It is now a fundamental truth that the plumbing industry must now know and understand Medical Gas and Vacuum systems requirements since the referencing of ANSI/NFPA 99 and specific requirements for installation have been added to the model plumbing codes.

Medical Gas System Inspection is not only required by NFPA 99 and ASSE 6000, it is critical to the successful completion of construction in a timely manner. The inspection process will identify problem areas before and during installation allowing for change or repair prior to the completion of the project. This will ensure that the system was installed correctly the first time, saving costly modifications and delays in completion of the project on schedule.

Currently, no one city or municipality is performing inspections as outlined in ASSE 6000 and NFPA 99. This is due largely to personnel and time constraints and a general misunderstanding of proper inspection techniques. This is indeed a very critical situation that must be addressed.

By providing this comprehensive program for inspection, AiroMed Hospital Services can fill this void by utilizing our skill and expertise.

Inspections must be performed to protect the end user, the patient. By providing you with site inspections and testing reports, discrepancy listings, and a final project report you can be assured that your installation was completed properly.



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